Brivo Smart Access Control for Residential or Commercial Security

Smarter, easier cloud based mobile access control solution

Door access control system with touchless, smartphone, badge, fob, and key card options for residential or commercial buildings. Mobile access control takes mobile phones, smartphones or tablets,, and allows them to function as a user’s credentials, or virtual key, to enter the building under controlled conditions that can be managed remotely by an owner or administrator whenever needed! We are proud to partner with Brivo for Smart Access Control Systems both for our residential, commercial and warehousing customers!

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Mobile access control systems replace the need for key cards or key fobs. They provide a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to monitor access in a building or property in a way that can be controlled remotely, without the need for an on-site security team or sophisticated equipment.

The Benefits of Access Control

Data, Data, Data

Smart Access Control logs who moves through the access point or doorway going in and out and never misses a beat! Logs visit durations and can be sorted, archived and used for reference all at your fingertips.

Better Security

Mobile devices act as a second layer of security since they already have security features built into them such as a pin, face match, or fingerprint access to open the mobile device in order to access the credentials.This second layer of security Isn’t available with a standard metal key or card access control system.

Easier Management

Magnetic access cards, traditional keys, and key fob/remotes Can be lost, stolen, or duplicated.The cost for a criminal to gain access using somebody else’s physical key is probably $20 or less.With electronic smart access control, managing a physical item is no longer the security concern.

Cost Efficient

With the volume of hardware being purchased and maintained by the user (via personal smartphones), the cost to the business owner for the software, subscription and sensor are minimal compared to almost any other traditional access control method on the market.


Keys, magnetic cards and remotes/fobs are easy to lose, hard to find in a pinch… biometric/fingerprint scanning can be very expensive, but smartphones are now a staple in almost everyone’s daily life with access on-hand consistently.

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